Arnhem publishes details of event

See details in Facebook event page at:

The choreographer Eleni Mylona - i.e. me- will be the leading artist for 7th to 7th Arnhem (NL).

I would therefore, like to invite you, the community that relates to ArtEZ, and anyone else interested to participate, on Thursday the 27th of June, at 7pm, to meet at the entrance of the main building of ArtEZ, Institute of the Arts.

From there, we will start a series of short walks, that will take place around the main building of ArtEZ, Institute of the Arts, during which we will move to the score we will be listening at, while reflecting on the following questions: 'What is a community?’, ‘What is a community of one or a community of strangers?’ ‘What role do proximity, intimacy and relatedness play, in the creation of a community?'.

At the end of the event (around 9pm) we will gather to discuss over a glass of wine! Hope you can join us, for a while or for the whole event!